Train Travel Italy

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Train travel Italy provides an expanse of opportunities. Most train stations are centrally located and surrounded by hotels. Compared to surrounding countries, train travel in Italy is cheap. Traveling by train is usually the best option for visiting large and medium-sized cities.


* Trenitalia is the primary operator of train travel Italy. Trenitalia offers Italian train travel services (including service in Sicily and Sardinia, the ferries from mainland to the two islands are operated by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana), and also connects to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland.

* The Eurostar trains are the fastest and most expensive Italy train travel lines. They travel between major cities and reservations are mandatory.

* Intercity and Intercity Plus trains operate between the smaller cities, as well as serving the larger cities for train travel Italy. Reservations are mandatory on the Intercity Plus trains. Both first and second class service is available.

* Regionale are the local trains and the cheapest and most utilitarian. Often only second class tickets are available. If available, consider first class as second class seats may be cramped or full on the major train travel routes.

Passenger Train Vacations

Venice-Krakow-Vienna-Paris - View Details & Request More Train Travel Italy Information
*Exciting new 7-night itinerary using the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express travels through six countries, unveiling the beauty of both Eastern and Western Europe!

*Try the Italy Rail n' Drive package or another options such as the Greece-Italy Rail Pass.

Discounts, Tips, & Tricks

* Visit Viaggiatreno for real-time train tracking of Trenitalia trains within Italy.

* Before you board your train, validate your ticket. This prints the time and date of the first use of your ticket, and makes it valid for the journey. There are fines for not validating your Italy train travel ticket.

* Buying a train ticket does not necessarily mean there will be room on the train. If your train is overcrowded and you can't find a seat, try to find a conductor and ask if your ticket can be upgraded to first class.

* There are a number of ways to buy tickets. You can go to a ticket window at the station, you can use a ticket machine if the station has them, or you can buy a ticket from a travel agent or online.

* Always be careful about your baggage and wallet or purse. Train stations are busy places and you must be aware of your surroundings.