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Train travel in Croatia is less extensive than other European countries. There are several major railway routes in the country, with Zagreb being the major hub of Croatia train travel. There are also other routes to Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.


* Croatian Railways is the main provider of train travel in Croatia.

* The country's most important rail line is the line between Dobova and Tovarnik via Zagreb. It is part of the Pan-European corridor X and is also the most advanced and busiest route for train travel in Croatia.

* The Ogulin-Knin line is part of the railway connection between Zagreb and Split. The line has been heavily upgraded over the last few years, however many of the stations are still in disrepair as they were abandoned when the Serbian front covered this area during the war.

* International corridor V has two branches in Croatia. Branch B enters Croatia in Botovo, and runs to Zagreb. Branch C is a Pan-European railway line running north and south and entering Croatia in Beli Manastir.

* The Vinkovci-Osijek line has been reconstructed since its destruction during the war. Service resumed in December 2008.

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* All major Croatian cities except Dubrovnik are connected by train in Croatia. To get to Dubrovnik, you will have to travel by train to Split, and then go on the bus for Dubrovnik. Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Greece are all connected by direct rail lines.

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