Train Travel Canada - Experience The Beauty and Adventure

Canadian flag

Train Travel Canada will take you from the eastern reaches of Nova Scotia, as far north as Hudson Bay, to the far western portion of the country in British Columbia. We will explore some of these routes with you to help you prepare your ideal Canada train vacation.


Via Rail - Train Travel Canada is the main rail service in Canada, and owned by the Canadian government. As of 2008, the railroad serves 4.1 million passengers annually, runs 480 trains per week, and serves some 450 Canadian communities.

Begin Exploring Each Region

* Rockies and Pacific

* Prairies and Northern Manitoba

* Ontario and Qu├ębec

Train Tours in Canada

If you are looking for specific train trips in Canada there are a number of Canadian train tours available. Canadian rail travel is functional and also very scenic which lends itself to vacations and train tours.

Discounts, Tips & Tricks

*VIA Rail's Canadian is the best way to get an overall experience of Canada's diverse landscape. The trip takes you through major cities and rural countryside and provides ample opportunities for exploration along the way. The route runs runs 3 times a week all-year-round linking Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Jasper & Vancouver. Whether you travel in comfort class or chose a silver & blue class sleeper be sure to check out the Skyline car with coffee shop, lounge and vista dome.

*The Canrailpass allows for 12 days of unlimited travel on Via Rail Canada during any 30 day period. Off-peak periods are January 1 - May 31 and October 16 - December 31 and allow for cheaper travel. The peak period runs from June 1 - October 15. The passes are good for Comfort (Economy) class travel. You can upgrade to Business, Sleeper, Touring, or Sleeper Touring class when you obtain your ticket with your Canrailpass.