Train Travel California

Train travel California provides an overview of routes and helpful travel tips. There are over one-hundred fifty stations and eight distinct routes providing services to and from and within California. Whether you're planning a romantic train travel California getaway to wine country, a family trip, business travel, or a special occasion there are well developed rail lines available for California train travel.

*The California Zephyr is a 2,438-mile long route operated by Amtrak that runs from Chicago, Illinois in the east to Emeryville, California in the west. This route is one of the longest and most scenic routes run by Amtrak and passes through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California. There are views of both the upper Colorado River valley in the Rocky Mountains, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

*The Capitol Corridor consists of 16 stations in 8 Northern California counties: Placer, Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco, and Santa Clara, a 170-mile rail corridor. It is an intercity passenger train system that provides a convenient alternative to traveling along the congested I-80, I-680 and I-880 freeways. There are also numerous bus connections that provide additional options. Also see this detailed train travel California Capitol Corridor map.

*The Coast Starlight is a 1,377 miles passenger train route operated by Amtrak that runs from Seattle, Washington's King Street Station to Los Angeles, California's Union Station. Union Pacific owns the tracks, and recently it has been giving Amtrak priority which has much improved the route's historically abysmal on-time performance.

*The Pacific Surfliner is a 350-mile Amtrak train travel California route serving the coast of Southern California between San Luis Obispo and San Diego. This is Amtrak's most heavily-travelled service outside of the Northeast Corridor with over 3 million passengers annually.

*The San Joaquin serves California's Central Valley. The route's southern station is at Bakersfield with a northern destination of either Oakland or Sacramento. At Stockton, the train travels on one of two routes depending on it's final destination of either Sacramento or Oakland. Thruway Motorcoach bus service connects to Los Angeles Union Station from Bakersfield.

*The ACE Rail Line travels from Stockton in the Northeast to San Jose in the Southwest via Tracy, Pleasonton, Fremont and various other stops along the way.

*The Southwest Chief serves a 2256-mile route from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California, passing through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

*The Sunset Limited route stretches from Orlando to Los Angeles. However, service between Orlando and New Orleans has been suspended indefinitely due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina. The obstacles to restoration of the Sunset Limited's full route have been more managerial and political than physical.

*The Texas Eagle is a 1306-mile route in the central and western United States. Trains run daily between Chicago, Illinois, and San Antonio, Texas, and continue to Los Angeles, California.

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