Experience The Pacific Northwest With Washington, Idaho, and Oregon Train Travel

The panoramic landscapes and views are best experienced by traveling worry free. Enjoy Oregon train travel, train travel in Washington, or if you're traveling to the region, enjoy the journey along the way. Traveling by train allows you to avoid the hassles of car travel - no driver, no maps, no stops at the 7/11, just sit back and enjoy. You can travel from Canada, California, or the midwest by train to reach your northwest destination. Once you arrive there are train excursion within the region to experience.

Getting There

Amtrak - Oregon train travel offers three routes serving the Northwest Region that travels trough these major cities with other stops along the way:

* Amtrak Cascades: provides service to Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Salem, and Eugene

* Coast Starlight: travels through Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles

* Empire Builder: serves Chicago, St. Paul, Portland, and Seattle

Northwest Train Excursions

The Mount Hood Railroad - has provided over 100 years of rail service to Hood River Oregon. The Mt. Hood Railroad has carried fruit and forest products to market since 1906. The railroad was used as a commuter train in the 1920s and 30s as the most prominent means of Oregon train travel. The line now offers rail tours that provide some of the most breathtaking scenery—from the town of Hood River toward the base of Mt. Hood.

The Thunder Mountain Line Operates in Western Idaho. The railroad was completed in 1914 to serve the mining and timber industry. The train winds around a narrow canyon along the beautiful Payette River. The train line offers two routes that wind through national forests, range lands, and mountain meadows. There are closed and open air cars available.