Netherlands Train Travel

There are various options for Netherlands train travel and it is typically the most convenient means for travel. The train is the quickest and cheapest way to get around in the Netherlands.

Schiphol Airport, near Amsterdam, is a major hub for international travelers and acts as the starting and ending point for much train travel. After London, Paris, and Frankfurt Schiphol is the largest airport in Europe.

Via Germany:

* There are trains between Enschede and Münster every hour, also between Enschede and Dortmund every hour.

* Between Groningen and Leer trains run every two hours.

* Trains run every hour between Heerlen and Eschweiler / Stolberg (Rheinland) via Aachen.

* Trains run hourly between Venlo and Hamm, via Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf.

Via France and Belgium:

* The Thalys high speed train is the quickest way to travel to and from France and Belgium. It is more expensive than the Benelux train, but still typically cheaper, faster, and more convenient than flying.

* For Brussles and Antwerp The Benelux train runs hourly from Amsterdam, via Schiphol, The Hague, Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Roosendaal.

* The Maastricht Brussel Express runs an hourly intercity service between Maastricht and Brussels. The train also stops at Liege.

Discounts, Tips, & Tricks

Check fares and purchase tickets on the Nederlandse spoorwegen's official website. Also, check out the website Netherlands train travel Marktplaats (Marketplace) to see if there is an extra ticket available for your itinerary. People will offer their purchased tickets for sale if the booked a train ticket and then changed their traveling plans.

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