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Europe train travel gives you an overview of options you have available at your fingertips. Europe's fastest trains, the French TGV and Germany’s high-speed ICE (InterCity Express) are technologically superior to anything in the U.S. and most of the world. Europe train travel is convenient, comfortable, and affordable.


The InterRegio express trains connect many major European cities and are the most modern and fastest trains. The InterCity (IC) and EuroCity (EC) trains are the normal, everyday trains that service cities accross Europe. Most big or medium-sized cities, as well as many smaller communities in Europe have a train station (or two or three), making train travel the most convenient and efficient form of travel. The main train station is usually located in the center of town. From there, commuter trains, taxis, streetcars, and buses can take the traveler straight to a final destination.

Begin Exploring Each Country

* Austria * Belgium * Bulgaria

* Croatia * Czech Republic

* Denmark * England * Finland

* France * Germany * Great Britain

* Greece * Hungary * Ireland

* Italy * Luxembourg * Macedonia

* Northern Ireland * Norway

* Poland * Portugal * Romania * Scotland * Serbia-Montenegro

* Slovak Republic * Slovenia * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland

* The Netherlands * Turkey * Wales

Go to the student & youth train travel page to explore affordable train travel options for your European vacation along with information on hostels and other money savings tips.

Discounts, Tips & Tricks

*One of the best and most cost effective ways to travel Europe is on a Eurail Pass. In addition to saving you money, one big advantage of having a Eurail Pass is that you can avoid the ticket counters and hop right on the train. Keep in mind, if you are traveling during peak periods or on popular trains it is advisable to use your pass to make reservations in advance. Depending on your travel plans you can also get passes for specific regions. Use the Pass Finder: Find the perfect pass for your planned itinerary.

* European trains are divided into a first and second class, with ticket prices set based on the class you select. Some special trains (EC, IC, ICE, etc.) also have a surcharge. The conductor will require payment when checking your ticket if you have not paid the surcharge in advance.

*Consider DB Autozug if you are planning holiday travel and want to make the trip in comfort by train and also have your vehicle available when you arrive. The trains carry you and your vehicle to multiple destinations throughout Europe. Avoid the traffic - with DB Autozug! Weg van de file – met DB Autozug!

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