Bulgaria Train Travel

Bulgaria train travel routes within the country are comprised of two major lines from the capital city of Sofia to Varna and Sofia to Bourgas. Beyond that there are lines serving the major cities. Bus travel can actually be faster at times, but tends to be cramped and uncomfortable compared to utilizing rail.

The national railway of Bulgaria is BDZ (Bulgarian State Railways - Bâlgarski Dârzhavni Zheleznitsi). By the end of June 2009 the first high-speed rail line in Bulgaria, from Krumovo to Purvomai, is scheduled to be operational. Check out this Bulgaria train travel map for an overview of lines throughout Bulgaria.

Many of the major routes have been upgraded with new trains. Be forewarned, train arrival and departure times can sometimes be late and unpredictable and many of the local trains should be avoided as they are slow and overcrowded.

Bulgaria tends to be inexpensive and features some beautiful scenery. Bulgaria Travel Guide gives a great overview of interesting sights and activities including discovering Sparticus, Bulgarian holidays, Sunny Beach Bulgaria and inexpensive ski holidays for you to enjoy.