Why are you considering train travel for your next vacation?

There are many reasons people choose train travel. You may want the travel itself to be a central part of your vacation. The landscape passing you by and seeing the countryside up close is the motivation for many people.

If this is your reason there are a multitude of scenic options available. From luxury trips, to travel by train on a budget there is sure to be something to suit your desires. You may have more practical reasons in mind. Is it simple efficiency and value? Cheap rail travel is available as an alternative to flying or driving. Whether traveling cross country or using urban light rail and inter-city transportation, travel by train makes sense.

The focus of rail-vacation.com is to help you realize your travel by train plans. This site includes various routes for your train trips and passenger train vacations to help you form your plans.

Live the Adventure. You'll find information to turn your travel plans into reality whether you need info on local rail providers or an all inclusive tour.

Whether you have an unlimited budget or you want to find the best deals available we're constantly adding resources and information to help you realize your plans.

I encourage you to create and share your own adventures with train travel today. Enjoy the connection to the surrounding environment as you enjoy the passing landscape.

Train travel is more popular than ever as other forms of travel decline in popularity due to fuel costs, security concerns, and other hassles. The information provided is intended to get the engine turning in order to create your own unique experience. The one thing in common? You can just sit back and enjoy the scenery as you travel by train.

Of course you can be as active as you desire. There are great day trips and activities you can enjoy when you get there. New rail destinations are popping up every day. All-in-all rail travel is fun and makes sense.

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